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Editorial illustration

Creating textural illustrations that bring stories to life is one of my passions. I love being able to conceptualise how a story can be interpreted and communicated using editorial illustration. To create illustrations for editorial purposes the process tends to start with a piece of editorial writing, with an attached brief from the art director or client.

I’ve worked on editorial illustration jobs with Grazia, Stylist Magazine, Marie Claire, and many other known titles.

Why use an illustration for editorial imagery?

Illustration offers an abstraction of the subject matter covered in the piece – it allows the audience to conceptualise their own response/vision of the topic. It spurs on thought and is more open to a variety of interpretations. Illustration can express many elements of a story, without being too literal or explanatory whilst including nods to mentions in the written content. My illustration portfolio includes an array of work for editorial, advertising and marketing purposes.

Megan St Clair Lifestyle Illustrator artwork of photo montage for stylist magazine featuring scent illustration for armani beauty

Recent work | Stylist Magazine

For the advertorial ‘5 things I want you to know about the power of finding your identity’ I created a series of illustrations for each section of the editorial.

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