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Hi πŸ‘‹ I’m Megan, and I believe we can communicate better – through both visuals and words. I’m a fashion and lifestyle illustrator, who works across two styles, strong line drawings and colour filled pastels, while also working as a digital communications specialist, helping creative businesses communicate better online. 

Fashion and lifestyle illustration portfolio

I work across two styles, both born out of my love for textural experimentation and freedom of line. 

Digital Pastels is a digital illustration style born out of experimentation on the digital drawing tool, Adobe Fresco. All artworks are created using the selection tool and pastel brushes. The approach focuses on the depth of layering colour and texture, to manipulate abstract shapes and forms to create colour filled pastel illustrations.

Strong lines is an analog illustration style born out of my natural drawing style. It’s an auto-pilot expression of subjects, action, and emotion communicated through abstract and minimal line work, often complemented by bold colour additions and experimental mixed-media finishes. 

Fashion and lifestyle illustrator based in London, specializing in commercial, editorial and animated illustration.

I’m Megan a freelance illustrator πŸ‘‹

Based in London originally from Yorkshire, UK. I work across commercial illustration for advertising, editorial and social media campaigns, alongside GIFs, stop motion animation, live portraiture and live fashion catwalk drawing.

To supplement my work as a fashion and lifestyle illustrator, I work as a digital communications specialist, to help businesses communicate their happenings online, better.

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