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Fashion illustration

Fashion is what drew me to become an illustrator – it’s how my work started. I spent over 6 years covering the shows in Paris, London and Milan live for publications drawing directly from the runway and backstage as models wore the latest collections. My work in fashion illustration tends to focus on details, form, ways to wear, freedom of expression, and movements. The portfolio of my work I have tends to always have a fashion lens, with a focus on movement, texture and clothing worn where fitting.

Over the years I’ve created work for Matches Fashion, JW Anderson, Moynat, Swarovski, and many other fashion brands.

Why choose to use fashion illustration for your imagery?

It brings clothing to life in a less literal, more abstract, and inclusive way. It reminds audiences of the individuality that can be created with fashion as a tool. It’s a great way to celebrate details, collections, and perspectives.

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