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Recent Work | Centre for Sustainable Fashion

centre for sustainable fashion

What was the illustration commission?

I was recently commissioned to create an illustration that would encompass the work of Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) ensuring it communicated CSF’s aims, values, and community. The finished piece included set of 8 illustrations that exemplify the what, why, and the who of CSF. 

How were the sustainable fashion illustrations used?

CSF have used the illustrations across their new website, for international presentations and across digital publications.

Fashion plays a vital role in societies, cultures, economies and individuals’ lives. Its design practices are professional and personal, educational, artistic and commercial, all taking place within an earth system of which we are a part. Design practices reflect the values, beliefs, knowledge and understanding of time and place. In many cases, the dominant system of fashion is based on a belief that humans can control nature and that prosperity is based on a narrow set of economic and aesthetic parameters.

At Centre for sustainable fashion, we challenge this dominant paradigm, through a developing understanding and practices of interdependence. Our work is premised on equity and ecological sustainability, on pluralistic, diverse, tolerant and open armed approaches to design that recognise the contribution of all participants, whilst ensuring refinement, quality and beauty. Our work is applied into fashion’s education, artistic, social and industry practices and interacts with policy, advocacy, legal and other frameworks. 

Interested in commissioning illustrations for your business?

To commission illustrations please contact me on: info@meganstclair.co.uk

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