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Home sketchbook London Fashion Week Men’s AW20 | Bianca Saunders

London Fashion Week Men’s AW20 | Bianca Saunders

    Illustrator Megan St Clair scoured through the autumn/winter 2020 menswear collections during Milan Fashion Week Men’s, and did what she does best—dissecting her favourite looks through colours, silhouettes and interesting details.

    Read her brief reviews of the shows and scroll through the illustrations in the gallery above to get a first-hand recap of some of London Fashion Week Men’s autumn/winter 2020 season’s promising showings.

    In an exploration of heritage, Bianca Saunders launched autumn/winter 2020 as a dance. Literally. As models danced, wire ran through many of the garments noted as a way to depict how clothes captured movement when the pause button was pressed on a VHS tape of dancehall parties. Launching accessories for the first time, Bianca’s staples shined on strong; yet again solidifying her as one to watch.

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